GreenSpace Cafe

Every month, my 3 girlfriends and I select a different restaurant to try. Today, we met up for lunch at GreenSpace Cafe, which is a plant based eatery owned by a local physician. I eat relatively healthy when I dine out, so I was excited to not have to pick out the healthy items on the menu because it’s a guarantee that the entire menu is a safe choice. This venue was absolutely beautiful. I am such an earthy type of person so the wood and greenery was very comforting to me. I would love to rent out this space for a private event in the future. They have a full cocktail bar with amazing wine & liquor choices. They even create a signature zodiac drink for each respective zodiac season.

I chose a glass of Rosé Infinie which had a subtle strawberry tone to it. As far as my meal, I selected the Blackened Tempeh Avocado Sandwich. A cajun spicy tempeh patty, avocado, arugula, chimichurri mayo all between two multi grain bread slices. It came with a small side salad composed of arugula and spinach leaves with a vinaigrette drizzled on top. The meal was absolutely delicious. Only thing I was missing was french fries which they did not have on the menu.

There was a few other options that I was conflicted on ordering, so I will definitely go back to try other options. I highly recommend if you are vegan and have never been. Even if you aren’t vegan, it’s a pretty great place to step outside of your comfort zone.

P.S. GreenSpace has happy hour too 😉