2018 Year In Reflection

2018 changed me more than I ever thought it would. This year truly felt like I lived a few lifetimes all together. It was intense! I had to come to terms with a lot and face some internal things head on. The days of passively moving around it just wasn’t working for me any longer. I have had to be the bigger person and set my pride aside to amend relationships. I had to die to my ego on many occasions to not lose relationships that I feel are important to me.

Let’s be honest, 2018 wasn’t all bad. Career wise, I flourished. I have proven to myself just how talented and diligent I am. I have received increase financially twice because of my skillset. I honestly for the first time in life, KNOW that I am living my purpose. As I continue to develop myself in this field, I rest in the fact that I am on path to my ultimate career choice of being a philanthropist.

I’ve experienced so many new things this year which is probably the most exciting of it all. My friendships continue to progress into a more solid bond as the years pass on. I have celebrated my many family & friends for their transitions in life: weddings, baby showers, engagements and milestone birthdays. This year was BUSY! With everything going on, sometimes I felt overwhelmed but somehow, managed to find the balance eventually to self care. I might have failed at balancing my time for all that was going on, but one thing about me, I’m not going to slack at taking care of me when needed.

My love life was blah. Nothing too special happened. I have reached that point in life where I’m not going to waste too much of my time with people who aren’t for me. I can enjoy you but I am not being stuck. Maybe things will be more promising next year. I’m always going to believe in love and absolutely would want to live life with someone if they are truly meant for me, but I will continue to enjoy myself and live my life if not. I literally have two single close friends that I still enjoy. I probably won’t start to panic unless I am the last woman standing (oh, God, thinking about that, I pray if it boils down to it, that I do not become desperate lol). I pray I don’t force myself into situations and will easily recognize the right person. I often question am I turning away a person sent for me. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t get pursued. I’m just so picky that I hope I don’t pick the wrong one in the end, ya know?

In summary, no matter what bad or good happened in 2018, it has truly shaped me into a more mature and evolved version so that I can be better for the next level of the life that God has in store for me. Change doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact, I need it to keep my life spicy. I need it for growth. Life has become extremely easier to cope with ever since I started showing up daily as my most authentic self. I am ready for whatever way the road leads me in 2019.

P.S. I didn’t have to cut anyone off again this year, so at least I can rest in knowing that I’m doing something right.


2017 Year in Reflection

This year has felt like a lifetime. Everything accelerated within a twelve month span. But had it not been for the tools that the previous years equipped me with, I wouldn’t still be standing confidently today. If I had to think of the biggest lesson I learned, it would be: 2017 taught me to stand in my power. I learned the truest meaning of independence and self confidence.

Thankfully, 2015 taught me to be fearless. With that characteristic, when a new opportunity presented itself to me in January of this year, that was something I’d never done before, regardless of whatever, I found the courage within myself to push through. Being forced completely out of my comfort zone with the new opportunity helped me to realize that I am someone I never knew I was. My self confidence is now on another level. Definitely a breakthrough in knowing that on the other side of fear is self discovery.

2016 taught me to be proactive. This became a benefit to me in August of this year when I felt as if my life was in shambles. There’s always an angle that I have thought of so just in case, I can cope and persevere through effortlessly. Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong in August, but it taught me the art of letting go. Whatever the universe was doing, I wasn’t fighting it this time. Let the chips fall where they may but I will always be alright.

As proven, in fact, I was alright. By November, life had turned completely back around and having the right attitude was beginning to pay off. Here it is December, and my opportunities are constantly flowing in. My heart is grateful because the truest lesson of opposition has taught me that I’m unbreakable. I have overcome so much in the last 8 years that the problems I face now, I handle effortlessly.

That love that I used to gloat about all 2016 and halfway through this year? Well, it went stale! Nothing bad happened. We’re still cool and he’ll always be a love that changed me forever. But I definitely learned a new lesson with love: there’s no such thing as right person, wrong time. If the timing is wrong, so is the person and you can’t live your life on pause for the timing to align. Two years of that bliss feeling but just because it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would doesn’t mean it didn’t serve it’s purpose. Ultimately, I think the lesson of meeting him was to show me at a time where I thought I’d never be able to move on to anyone after my previous love, is that my heart could still feel “bigly” for someone else. He’s still one of my favorite people to have known, and although our friendship might be distant, the memories are forever. No matter how your heart feels, make sure your mind is never clouded by it. I was so quick to label this relationship as a “life partner” or a “soulmate” when the timing of life just proved that it was a “karmic relationship”. The lesson from that is, you still don’t know the purpose of someone’s existence in your life and you can’t really define it until you have had a quality amount of involvement to look back upon.

Currently, my focus is on nurturing my career. So much to look forward to. I accidentally fell into my purpose at the end of 2016 while I was working a career that has been in my blood and I am so good at. Here I am now, juggling two careers, two different lanes and yet thriving in both. My income is now tied to purpose and passion and it’s honestly the greatest feeling.

Astrology keeps hinting at this time of my life being golden for partnership and marriage. I want to believe it but I’ve gotten way too excited too soon recently. If marriage & kids are for me, then I’ll gladly accept that role when the time seems fit. But where I am internally, even if the universe doesn’t see that, that life is for me, I am also at peace with it. I’m not desperate, rushing a biological clock or timeline because what I won’t do, is settle for bad decisions. I have learned to release control of what things “should” be and accept life for what it is. I’m not going to stop living my best life no matter what cards are dealt to me. This is my happy currently and it’s peaceful while I’m playing my hand to its fullest extent!

In retrospect I learned that I am a very powerful visionary and my level of determination is legendary. I became a new me in 2015, so as we are hours away from a new year, a better me is awaiting. I’ll still love, still laugh, still give my all, still maintain my peace, still travel, and make sure i’m guided into intelligent decisions, just on a progressive level.

May 2018 be a life evolving year in a positive way for us all ✨