GreenSpace Cafe

Every month, my 3 girlfriends and I select a different restaurant to try. Today, we met up for lunch at GreenSpace Cafe, which is a plant based eatery owned by a local physician. I eat relatively healthy when I dine out, so I was excited to not have to pick out the healthy items on the menu because it’s a guarantee that the entire menu is a safe choice. This venue was absolutely beautiful. I am such an earthy type of person so the wood and greenery was very comforting to me. I would love to rent out this space for a private event in the future. They have a full cocktail bar with amazing wine & liquor choices. They even create a signature zodiac drink for each respective zodiac season.

I chose a glass of Rosé Infinie which had a subtle strawberry tone to it. As far as my meal, I selected the Blackened Tempeh Avocado Sandwich. A cajun spicy tempeh patty, avocado, arugula, chimichurri mayo all between two multi grain bread slices. It came with a small side salad composed of arugula and spinach leaves with a vinaigrette drizzled on top. The meal was absolutely delicious. Only thing I was missing was french fries which they did not have on the menu.

There was a few other options that I was conflicted on ordering, so I will definitely go back to try other options. I highly recommend if you are vegan and have never been. Even if you aren’t vegan, it’s a pretty great place to step outside of your comfort zone.

P.S. GreenSpace has happy hour too ūüėČ


Mint 29

Yesterday, I randomly picked a restaurant through google search because I wanted something new. It was 3ish in the afternoon and we were starving. Literally did not care where it was in our metropolitan area because we were feeling that adventurous. Anywho, came across the restaurant Mint 29 in downtown Dearborn. Now, I rarely, if ever visit the Dearborn area. We looked at the pics and fell in love with the presentation. By the time we arrived it was 15 past 4 and just in time for their happy hour special. Even better!

I must say, I loved the set up of this place. Brick exposed walls and the dangling lights gives it such a outdoorsy feel. We sat at the bar because I always prefer that feel over the traditional seating. Our waiter was cool and gave us lots of suggestions because at glance of their menu, I wanted 7 different dishes. We ordered our cocktails and narrowed the food choices down.

I settled for their signature “Mint29 Manhattan”, which is a combination of Maker’s Mark, Laird’s Apple Brandy, Sweet Vermouth, and bitters. It was potent but so good! My friend had the “Margaret and Rita” made up of Blue Nectar Reposado, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Real Strawberries, and Fresh Basil. It was so refreshing. Definitely something I would favor on a summer day.

Then there was the food…

Get into this plating! All of their dishes were plated beautifully and in creative ways. Yes, I am one of those people who observe other’s meal as it comes out to them and asks the server what was it that another person has lol.

As seen, I ordered the Panko Style Crab Cakes, Sea Scallops and Parmesan Garlic Truffle Fries. The crab cake trio sat on top of 3 different sauces: Sweet Chilli Wasabi, Eel Sauce and I honestly can’t remember the white sauce, but all three were perfect nonetheless. The scallops were pan seared to perfection, over a lemon butter sauce and topped with Caviar. My friend had the Flaming Grilled Black Tiger Shrimp (not pictured) and they were so flavorful and satisfying. Our experience was so amazing that I cannot believe I chose this awesome place on a whim. I will definitely be back because there are so many other dishes that I want to try.

They opened May 2017 and from the way the crowd picked up over our 2 hour stay, I’m sure they’re here to stay for awhile. If you ever find yourself in the area, stop by. If you aren’t shy and have a mature palate, I promise they won’t disappoint.

Summer Champagne Life



Summer is quickly approaching and as an avid year round champagne lover, here’s my top three favorites that are oh so appropriate for sipping while parlaying under the sun rays.


1.¬†Maison¬†Perrier-Jou√ęt – this is actually one of the best champagne brands, with its floral wine taste. It’s absolutely divine for any outdoor affair!


2. Maison Veuve Clicquot – ¬†this brand leaves an intense yet refreshing, fruitful taste. It’s perfect for relaxing on a beach!

[type pictured:¬†ROS√Č]

3.¬†Mo√ęt & Chandon – this is certainly a favorite because it’s one of the only types that you can appropriately enjoy on the rocks with its seductive fruitiness. It’s perfect for the pool or a roof top party.

[type pictured: ICE IMP√ČRIAL]