Bio: The Prototype : His work of art. I'm a Warhol already. I love all things classy. As the True Taurus sun with a Libra moon that I am, being fully ruled by Venus, it doesn't get any more feminine than that. I love what feels good (Satin/Silk, Soft Skin, Fur); I love what sounds soothing (Ocean Waves, Bird Chirps & Mellow Tunes); I love a good smell (Perfume, Candles, Flowers); I love what is aesthetically pleasing (Body, Fashion, Scenery); I love what tastes good (Food, An Intimate Kiss, Wine/Champagne). I'm big on romance and solid, genuine, healthy love. I come from a very loving family. My close friends are very important to me. I desire to relocate to France (dual citizenship perhaps). I want to some day own a horse and a yacht (a helicopter and private jet too if I can get there). Classic Hollywood films are my favorite. I'm spiritual not religious. I love a good book so if you ever come across one, let me know. My ultimate life goal is to continuously laugh, maintain peace and be happy without having to worry about losing my freedom and financial stability.

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