2018 Year In Reflection

2018 changed me more than I ever thought it would. This year truly felt like I lived a few lifetimes all together. It was intense! I had to come to terms with a lot and face some internal things head on. The days of passively moving around it just wasn’t working for me any longer. I have had to be the bigger person and set my pride aside to amend relationships. I had to die to my ego on many occasions to not lose relationships that I feel are important to me.

Let’s be honest, 2018 wasn’t all bad. Career wise, I flourished. I have proven to myself just how talented and diligent I am. I have received increase financially twice because of my skillset. I honestly for the first time in life, KNOW that I am living my purpose. As I continue to develop myself in this field, I rest in the fact that I am on path to my ultimate career choice of being a philanthropist.

I’ve experienced so many new things this year which is probably the most exciting of it all. My friendships continue to progress into a more solid bond as the years pass on. I have celebrated my many family & friends for their transitions in life: weddings, baby showers, engagements and milestone birthdays. This year was BUSY! With everything going on, sometimes I felt overwhelmed but somehow, managed to find the balance eventually to self care. I might have failed at balancing my time for all that was going on, but one thing about me, I’m not going to slack at taking care of me when needed.

My love life was blah. Nothing too special happened. I have reached that point in life where I’m not going to waste too much of my time with people who aren’t for me. I can enjoy you but I am not being stuck. Maybe things will be more promising next year. I’m always going to believe in love and absolutely would want to live life with someone if they are truly meant for me, but I will continue to enjoy myself and live my life if not. I literally have two single close friends that I still enjoy. I probably won’t start to panic unless I am the last woman standing (oh, God, thinking about that, I pray if it boils down to it, that I do not become desperate lol). I pray I don’t force myself into situations and will easily recognize the right person. I often question am I turning away a person sent for me. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t get pursued. I’m just so picky that I hope I don’t pick the wrong one in the end, ya know?

In summary, no matter what bad or good happened in 2018, it has truly shaped me into a more mature and evolved version so that I can be better for the next level of the life that God has in store for me. Change doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact, I need it to keep my life spicy. I need it for growth. Life has become extremely easier to cope with ever since I started showing up daily as my most authentic self. I am ready for whatever way the road leads me in 2019.

P.S. I didn’t have to cut anyone off again this year, so at least I can rest in knowing that I’m doing something right.


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