When it comes to timing, Christians always say, “God’s timing is sufficient.” Which we are taught to be patient for things to come to pass; for we shall rest in Him and trust that His timing is perfect. When you have a plan but you have to wait on Him for the execution. Well, what do you do when life happens and forces you to move way ahead of your scheduled plan? What do you do when you are not fully prepared with the resources to make a change earlier than expected? That’s where I currently am. I had a set time of when I was going to make a bold move, however, a year ahead of my plan, life has forced me to make that transition now. I must say, this is much scarier than sitting and being patient. I have patience. Being forced to make a change when you already had everything mapped out? Now, that’s a shake up I was not well prepared for. I’m just not ready. Then I thought, if I continue to procrastinate I might become habitual in always putting it off. Waiting for the right moment often leads to waiting forever. Yet, in the same instance, I am being taught that in this push, I have to trust that this is His perfect timing. He’s got me and no matter where I land, I will be where I am meant to be.



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