The Breakup Game

It should no longer be a secret that women typically break up with a man long before she ACTUALLY breaks up with him. I am no different. We emotionally detach ourselves before we can physically move on. It’s kind of fucked up when you think about it, because the man rarely ever sees it coming, even though, depending on the circumstances, he’d be an idiot to not believe that the day would soon come. Women give many warning signs that the end is drawing near in a relationship in hopes that a man will get his shit together before it’s too late. From constant nagging, to erratic behavior changes, to often times, many mini breakups (also known as needing some space). So why is it that soon as the woman has the courage to leave, this same man, all of a sudden has an awakening of either (1.) deciding to finally change his fuck boy behavior (2.) realizing that this woman was the best thing that ever happened to him and/or (3.) finally feeling guilty and sorry about his actions?

I don’t regret you but sometimes I wish I had walked away at the start and left things at hello.

Women, ya’ll know how the routine goes: *cues violin music* The man that you stuck with, who constantly took advantage of the love you gave, ironically, once you realize you deserve better for yourself, because trust me, there is always better, he now knows he was such a horrible man to you; he’s finally ready to change those behaviors and he can’t live without you. *blank stare* If you’re wise enough, you’ll know that this is a bullshit attempt to get you back, and although it sometimes is genuine, it’s most times, manipulation. I personally believe from experience, that once you walk away, keep walking and don’t turn back. Why? Simple, men are creatures of habit and if he knows that whatever he did and said to get you back that one time worked, it will work again in the future. I wasted so much time playing this game in a relationship. It wasn’t until I fully gained respect for myself to stop settling in that mediocrity situation that my ex finally got the picture. At least I think he did. And hopefully this will teach him to take better care and pay more attention to his next relationship. But I know he will never learn the lesson if I were to go back. I just thank God, I have no desire at all to do so. A second (more like 768,364th, because women are always forgiving) chance shouldn’t be taken lightly. Trust takes thrice as much effort to gain back as it did to lose.



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