I was shocked and excited when I came across this goal list of things that I wanted to accomplish this year the other day. Mainly because after I wrote it, I forgot about it and never looked at this list again. However, I managed to have crossed off 7 1/2 of these resolutions off my list. Crazy right?! Perhaps there is some truth in manifestation when you simply put things out there by writing them down. Or is it because these things were actually important to me and they never left my mind?  I’ve never done a vision board but now that I know the effect in writing a list, possibly seeing my list visually on a daily basis will motivate me to go harder.

1. Before 2015, I never saved money. I’ve always lived check-to-check. My savings account maintained the bare minimum to keep it open at a credit union that was too many miles away from home. So I never used it. After examining my finances and budgeting, I’m proud to say that I save in multiple accounts for their specific purposes and have already exceeded my annual goal.

2. Vacations aren’t even a question in my book. After traveling 10 out of 12 months in 2014, the least I aimed for in 2015 were three trips (since I’m financially responsible now and all) but I’ve surpassed that as well. Isn’t it funny what all you can accomplish by depleting the unnecessary spending.

3. Multiple sources of income is still under development. I am still fine-tuning my dream business and I haven’t yet ventured into the stock market, but I’m going to get there.

4 & 5. I’ve improved my credit tremendously and I’m the most happy about that. You’re as good as your name and in America, credit speaks for you.

6. I did not relocate unfortunately, but now I’m not so sure if I want to move back to Los Angeles. That’s still a pending thought. I may have to reascend that one.

Ahhh, #7 might be the scariest because at the time that I wrote this list, I was in a relationship. It’s almost like I planted the seed of getting out of an emotionally toxic situation and knew that I was going to receive better once I did. Needless to say, shortly after I listened to God and finally ended that relationship, I met someone who I know is perfect for me; my soulmate.

8 & 9. I eat so much healthier. I still splurge weekly but I’m not as reckless with it. I also started back doing yoga, playing tennis again and I’ve tried cycling.

10. Lastly, improving my skin is pending. I’m still experimenting with regiments that will be most effective for my oily skin. Some things have worked but only temporarily. Hopefully I can get this fully under control soon.

So, you see I encourage everyone to write down your short term and long term goals and take them seriously. I think the key is to make your short term goals reasonable yet effective. Your long term goals can be more far-fetched because they will take time to acquire. For instance, a few of mine are: to own a horse, yacht & private jet. See! Lol!  Meditate on your goals regularly and make an effort to work towards them. Don’t procrastinate. Start acting on them as quickly as possible. A year moves faster than we think and you never know what kind of progress you’ll have made. Your thoughts run your life. Although, I forgot I made this list, I didn’t need reminding because these were things that were important to me and I thought on them regularly. In closing, change the way you think, because action starts there. A great mind’ll change your life!


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