What is a soul mate? By definition a soul mate (n.) is a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. Yes, I agree, and I know for a fact that I have multiple soul mates. A few of my friends are definitely my soul mates.  Just like the famous line from Sex and The City, when Charlotte says:

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

My friends just get me. I don’t have to explain myself. It’s very simple to relate and all around we just feel a quality companionship with each other through conversation, similarities and even our differences are easy to accept. However, are there different levels to a soul mate? Is that companionship different on a friendship level than it is on a romantic level? When it comes to a romantic partner how do you know a person is your soul mate? In retrospect, I never really believed in soul mates from the guys I used to date, but I’ve always imagined it was similar to how we choose our friends: Oh, hey, we like the same things, we’re having so much fun connecting, lets do this forever! Simple right? It never quite felt like that though. That is, until I met him this past summer. Have you ever met someone and in an instant you feel like you’ve known them forever? It’s just so easy that it seems like you both met in a past lifetime? That’s exactly how it happened. When we were introduced, the second our conversation started, it just flowed so effortlessly, almost like an outer body experience. I didn’t even realize what was happening in that moment because I was too caught up in connecting with this person who felt extremely compatible to me. The chemistry was obvious without having to place too much thought into. That’s what I think happens when two souls who were meant to be, meet for the first time.

“Our souls already know each other, don’t they? It’s our bodies that are new .”

I’ve never experienced that before and it certainly feels weird, but in a good way. Almost like you just know that it wasn’t chance, it was fate. It’s really hard to explain other than the fact that you two automatically get drawn into a relationship. I don’t even think we both considered or cared to take notice of each other’s physical attributes. We were too lost in understanding each other on every level and in every way, because everything around us in that moment was blocked out. I’ve never felt so at ease, at peace and safe to open up to someone that he almost makes me question if every relationship before him was even real. I felt awakened! Honestly, I believe you have to go through a few disappointments, bump your head a few times in love and truly know yourself as a person before you can get to this point. Had we both settled by remaining in a previous situation, we would’ve never experienced something better suited for us. Something very rare but very real. Which brings me back to fate; the timing was perfect and it just feels meant to be. A predestined path was set for a perfect pairing. Soul mates!


One thought on “Soulmate

  1. […] Ahhh, #7 might be the scariest because at the time that I wrote this list, I was in a relationship. It’s almost like I planted the seed of getting out of an emotionally toxic situation and knew that I was going to receive better once I did. Needless to say, shortly after I listened to God and finally ended that relationship, I met someone who I know is perfect for me; my soulmate. […]


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