Work Ain’t Gon’ Work Me

Work smart, not hard.


Ever since I began working at 17, I started learning about the true essence of who I am. I’m a total free-spirit who cannot have a work life being controlled by specific time constraints. You know, those jobs where you HAVE to follow a time schedule, punching in and out, being told when you can take a break and if you slip up once, bloop, there goes the threat of being unemployed? Thus developed the pattern that cultivated my work life.

When I look back, from age 17 until almost 24, I’ve never kept a job for more than a year. Sheesh! I was lucky if I even made it to that year mark. Why? Because I just couldn’t see myself committing to the structured demands for a significant period of time. To know me you have to understand first and foremost, I’m highly independent. Meaning, I hate being controlled by others. I’ve been a rebel and bossy my whole life. Yet, I’m very realistic, so I trust myself enough to be able to do what I want to do. I have to be able to move freely and not feel tied down in order to maintain happiness. I like the security of a routine, however the spontaneity and variety is what keeps me going, daily. Like, the fact that I’m not being told that I have to be to work at 8 a.m. or else, makes me feel susceptible to where I will go to the office by 8 a.m. in order for business to be accomplished. Does that make sense? There’s no pressure in which it makes me feel more responsible to do the right thing.

I was reading this article on MadameNoire about how being fired from a job could be beneficial. I remember I took a job in a call center knowing good and well that that type of structured environment is not fit for me. Yet, I really was trying to convince myself otherwise. Six months after training, I was completely over the job. I was forcing myself to be happy about going. The crazy thing is, I only worked PART TIME. 26 hours a week, unless I wanted to work overtime. LoL! It had gotten so bad mentally for me to the point, I would just go on vacations and call in sick. I’d return all tanned from a trip and happily sign my write-up. Until, one day an absence so unintentional (my car was acting dumb) caused me to return to work greeted with a surprising “You’re Fired” write up. I was so upset because they beat me to the punch. That was it. LoL! Not because I wasn’t going to have a job but because they let me go before I could let them go. I’d stayed way longer than my happiness allowed me and that was a mistake on my behalf.

It was then, that I decided, I’m no longer wasting my time to work the traditional corporate or office type job that I know I’m going to become restless with and end up hating in a year, placing me back in the job market. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I knew this. So, why was I continuously choosing to work hard for others? If I’m going to work hard it’ll be for myself. I get it, some people prefer the benefits and stability with the traditional work environments. I know myself enough to know that it’s not for me. While I’m still curating my dreams to life to be a 24/7  entrepreneur, I work as a contractor within a related industry to my dreams and have done so since 2012. It’s the most consistent “work” I’ve ever done which leads me to believe that I am on the right path. I don’t wake up feeling miserable and unmotivated to start the day. I don’t get the ‘Monday Blues‘. I’m not stressed. Simultaneously, I am developing the habits and obedience that an entrepreneur battles and I take the learning experience in stride. Not only am I the happiest I’ve ever been, I also make the most money I ever have. I like to believe that the universe chases you with blessings as a result of being honest with who you are as you contribute to the world. I’m not fully walking in my purpose, but I am at peace knowing that I am following the path there.


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