Skin Care 101

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First off, let me say that if you have acne, you’re welcome in advance. I started suffering from extreme adult acne in 2013. As any person knows, beauty products are extremely expensive and deserve a special budget on its own, especially if you have troubled skin. But I was so determined to fix this problem. After visiting a dermatologist and dishing out so much money on monthly chemical peels and prescription medicine, I was fed up with my skin not clearing up. I have complicated skin on top of the acne problems. It’s extremely dry in the winter and extremely oily in the summer. So, in the A.M. I started using Clinique’s three step #2 (purple bottle) in the winter to help with my dry skin and their three step #3 in the summer months (it has a gel moisturizer that is light as well that works perfect for oily skin). These products work greatly. I switched from using my prescribed medication creams and would use Clinique’s three step acne treatment at night. The acne treatment worked well for awhile but then my skin got used to it. I also think it was a little harsh for my skin. My dark marks were getting worse and the salicylic acid was burning my face, leaving more marks. It just wasn’t for me. I started to only use it every other night and that made it only prevent breakouts two weeks out of the month. Christmas ’14, my mom bought me a Clarasonic Mia 2 and that totally changed the game for my face. I still use my Clinique three step cleanser, toner and moisturizer in the morning, but I now use Clarasonic’s acne treatment in the P.M. Aside from that, I use a homemade mask that includes raw honey, fresh lemon juice and sugar every other night after washing my face and I also use Kiehl’s deep pore cleansing masque at least once a week. When I tell you, just by using the Clarasonic alone, it has changed the game for my troubled skin. My complexion has gotten so much clearer and it feels good to see those horrible dark spots fade. I am absolutely in love. Even if you prefer other products to use, the Clarasonic alone will work wonders with any cleanser. It’s so much more effective in cleaning your pores as opposed to using your hands. I promise it’s a game changer.


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