15th Anniversary GRFW Luncheon


GreenSpace Cafe

Every month, my 3 girlfriends and I select a different restaurant to try. Today, we met up for lunch at GreenSpace Cafe, which is a plant based eatery owned by a local physician. I eat relatively healthy when I dine out, so I was excited to not have to pick out the healthy items on the menu because it’s a guarantee that the entire menu is a safe choice. This venue was absolutely beautiful. I am such an earthy type of person so the wood and greenery was very comforting to me. I would love to rent out this space for a private event in the future. They have a full cocktail bar with amazing wine & liquor choices. They even create a signature zodiac drink for each respective zodiac season.

I chose a glass of Rosé Infinie which had a subtle strawberry tone to it. As far as my meal, I selected the Blackened Tempeh Avocado Sandwich. A cajun spicy tempeh patty, avocado, arugula, chimichurri mayo all between two multi grain bread slices. It came with a small side salad composed of arugula and spinach leaves with a vinaigrette drizzled on top. The meal was absolutely delicious. Only thing I was missing was french fries which they did not have on the menu.

There was a few other options that I was conflicted on ordering, so I will definitely go back to try other options. I highly recommend if you are vegan and have never been. Even if you aren’t vegan, it’s a pretty great place to step outside of your comfort zone.

P.S. GreenSpace has happy hour too 😉

2018 Year In Reflection

2018 changed me more than I ever thought it would. This year truly felt like I lived a few lifetimes all together. It was intense! I had to come to terms with a lot and face some internal things head on. The days of passively moving around it just wasn’t working for me any longer. I have had to be the bigger person and set my pride aside to amend relationships. I had to die to my ego on many occasions to not lose relationships that I feel are important to me.

Let’s be honest, 2018 wasn’t all bad. Career wise, I flourished. I have proven to myself just how talented and diligent I am. I have received increase financially twice because of my skillset. I honestly for the first time in life, KNOW that I am living my purpose. As I continue to develop myself in this field, I rest in the fact that I am on path to my ultimate career choice of being a philanthropist.

I’ve experienced so many new things this year which is probably the most exciting of it all. My friendships continue to progress into a more solid bond as the years pass on. I have celebrated my many family & friends for their transitions in life: weddings, baby showers, engagements and milestone birthdays. This year was BUSY! With everything going on, sometimes I felt overwhelmed but somehow, managed to find the balance eventually to self care. I might have failed at balancing my time for all that was going on, but one thing about me, I’m not going to slack at taking care of me when needed.

My love life was blah. Nothing too special happened. I have reached that point in life where I’m not going to waste too much of my time with people who aren’t for me. I can enjoy you but I am not being stuck. Maybe things will be more promising next year. I’m always going to believe in love and absolutely would want to live life with someone if they are truly meant for me, but I will continue to enjoy myself and live my life if not. I literally have two single close friends that I still enjoy. I probably won’t start to panic unless I am the last woman standing (oh, God, thinking about that, I pray if it boils down to it, that I do not become desperate lol). I pray I don’t force myself into situations and will easily recognize the right person. I often question am I turning away a person sent for me. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t get pursued. I’m just so picky that I hope I don’t pick the wrong one in the end, ya know?

In summary, no matter what bad or good happened in 2018, it has truly shaped me into a more mature and evolved version so that I can be better for the next level of the life that God has in store for me. Change doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact, I need it to keep my life spicy. I need it for growth. Life has become extremely easier to cope with ever since I started showing up daily as my most authentic self. I am ready for whatever way the road leads me in 2019.

P.S. I didn’t have to cut anyone off again this year, so at least I can rest in knowing that I’m doing something right.

Mint 29

Yesterday, I randomly picked a restaurant through google search because I wanted something new. It was 3ish in the afternoon and we were starving. Literally did not care where it was in our metropolitan area because we were feeling that adventurous. Anywho, came across the restaurant Mint 29 in downtown Dearborn. Now, I rarely, if ever visit the Dearborn area. We looked at the pics and fell in love with the presentation. By the time we arrived it was 15 past 4 and just in time for their happy hour special. Even better!

I must say, I loved the set up of this place. Brick exposed walls and the dangling lights gives it such a outdoorsy feel. We sat at the bar because I always prefer that feel over the traditional seating. Our waiter was cool and gave us lots of suggestions because at glance of their menu, I wanted 7 different dishes. We ordered our cocktails and narrowed the food choices down.

I settled for their signature “Mint29 Manhattan”, which is a combination of Maker’s Mark, Laird’s Apple Brandy, Sweet Vermouth, and bitters. It was potent but so good! My friend had the “Margaret and Rita” made up of Blue Nectar Reposado, Cointreau, Lime Juice, Real Strawberries, and Fresh Basil. It was so refreshing. Definitely something I would favor on a summer day.

Then there was the food…

Get into this plating! All of their dishes were plated beautifully and in creative ways. Yes, I am one of those people who observe other’s meal as it comes out to them and asks the server what was it that another person has lol.

As seen, I ordered the Panko Style Crab Cakes, Sea Scallops and Parmesan Garlic Truffle Fries. The crab cake trio sat on top of 3 different sauces: Sweet Chilli Wasabi, Eel Sauce and I honestly can’t remember the white sauce, but all three were perfect nonetheless. The scallops were pan seared to perfection, over a lemon butter sauce and topped with Caviar. My friend had the Flaming Grilled Black Tiger Shrimp (not pictured) and they were so flavorful and satisfying. Our experience was so amazing that I cannot believe I chose this awesome place on a whim. I will definitely be back because there are so many other dishes that I want to try.

They opened May 2017 and from the way the crowd picked up over our 2 hour stay, I’m sure they’re here to stay for awhile. If you ever find yourself in the area, stop by. If you aren’t shy and have a mature palate, I promise they won’t disappoint.

Romance vs Manipulation

I’m proud of the strength that women hold nowadays. Yet, it is so disappointing to see that we have to continuously demand that our boundaries be respected rather than be granted from the beginning. Currently, Cardi B is in a rough place in her marriage. Her husband pulled the stunt of interrupting her performance with a grand gesture for her to take him back after he’s been caught cheating numerous times. Now, whether she takes him back or not is none of my business.

The problem I have with men is, why cheat and jeopardize losing someone you claim to love and care about so much in the first place? If you have it in you to go through all these extreme lengths to get someone back, wouldn’t it make more sense to use that energy while you already have this person’s attention to keep it? But men are the “more logical” species right? Right!

My problem with society is that there are people who are actually rooting for her to take him back because “people make mistakes and all men have cheated, so he deserves another chance“. Why is this the norm? Had the situation been reversed, no one would harass that man to forgive the woman and take her back. They’d call her all types of hoes.

I’m so passionate about this topic because this is my life. I left a man 4 years ago. During these years, he has tried everything to the best of his ability to get me back. Most recently, THREE DAYS AGO at my place of employment. Despite me making it very clear that I want him to leave me alone and that me taking him back is never happening. The romance behind stalking and harassing your ex until they take you back might work for some, but it ain’t my type of thing. You didn’t respect me during the relationship to treat me right and you don’t respect my boundaries post relationship after I’ve continuously ignored your efforts and asked you repeatedly to leave me alone and let me be.

Don’t lose my attention and put all this effort into trying to win me back because it’s just going to annoy me more. When I don’t care, I wholeheartedly don’t and that is the worst place you can be with me, because no gesture big enough or thing you say can move me to feel differently or change my mind. Why? More than likely, I’ve already given you plenty of chances to correct your mistakes and make right on your wrongdoing before I even got to the point of no longer caring. Your behavior is habitual and the only reason you care so much now is because you finally see it’s really not a game. The gestures are manipulative behavior and a way to try and soften me to change my mind.

Men think they can put you through all this bullshit and you will stick around and deal with it forever. “Oh she forgave me before, she’ll get over it”. While some may feel compelled to stick it out, I thank God I am one of those women who don’t have to and have matured to realize that I don’t need to. One of my biggest blessings in life is being able to walk away from toxic men easily without ever having to be bothered with them again in life unless I choose to. The best thing ever is being able to leave a relationship easily with absolutely no ties.

The narrative has to change. If the love comes with struggle, then I don’t want it. Of course you go through things in a relationship and the strongest marriages prevail. However, my idea of getting through tough times in a marriage doesn’t include cheating and numerous amounts of bullshit. That’s not something I count as having to work through to make it to those glory days. If you can’t treat me respectfully and good, you don’t deserve anything else from me. Only thing you can do is learn from the situation, correct your behavior and do better with the next woman in your life.

*cues Beyoncé’s Best Thing I Never Had*

Not My Standard

I went to see my obgyn today and towards the end of my visit she said “You know if you want to get pregnant, today is the best day to have sex?” Now, I know she really didn’t have any ill intent behind, but I’m like, 🗣absolutely NOT! Ever since I turned 30, my freedom has been threatened to start a family of my own.

This year, there has been an extreme emphasis on the fact that I am single with no children. From my boss, clients, both my doctors, strangers in passing and even particular family members being concerned that someone such as myself, at my age could not have found love yet. I’ve heard “Oh, we’re going to have to do something about that.” or “Don’t you want to have children?” or the infamous “I’m going to pray for you!” after I state, there is no man in my life 🙄.

Now, I won’t say that I don’t desire marriage because I believe that love is the most beautiful thing in this world. To have a committed, loyal partnership in this life is a blessing. However, I do not feel negatively about my current relationship and familial status the way that people think I should. I don’t feel the pressure people place upon me and I am not desperate to lock any man that wants to be with me down. I literally live my life as freely as possible no matter if a man is coming or going.

I only want what God wants for me. If God wants me married, then when the universe sees fit that it is my time, I am positive that I will be ready and willing to accept the assignment. I don’t want children unless I am married. These are both standards that have remained constant through every season of my growth. I personally feel that no man is worth bearing the pain of child labor for that did not feel that I was worthy to make his wife first. And if marriage and children are not meant for me in this lifetime, I am perfectly fine with that as well.

In the meantime, creating a life that no one can take from me is the best focus I can have as I continue to develop myself as a better overall human being in society. Whatever is meant to be will be and whatever isn’t won’t happen. It’s that simple! As long as I never lose myself again or compromise my standards for a relationship as a desperate attempt to fit other’s perceptions of what a woman should have or should be, I am fine.

Dubai, U.A.E.

  • Dubai/Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • September 2018
  • Girls Trip

By far, the best vacation I have had in my life thus far. This says a lot because before, Disney World has always been my favorite place. Dubai was all that and then some. We had such a ball that I literally feel as though a week wasn’t enough. I could have certainly stayed for another 4 to 7 days. While it was the best trip, it was certainly the most expensive. It was worth every penny though. Surprisingly, I still came home with half of my spending money unspent.

We spent a day at a pool/day party, rented a yacht in the marina, visited the tallest building in the world: Burj Khalifa, The Atlantis, views of the only 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel, the beautiful Grand Mosque, Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, The Gold Souk, Water show at The Dubai Mall, City Center, the amazing Desert Safari experience and made new friends in between.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • June/July 2018
  • Family Vacation

I understand traveling could be viewed as a luxury, but I was amazed at how affordable Punta Cana was lol. This was my family vacation destination this year and we had an absolute blast. A place that everyone of all ages, from 2 to 60 thoroughly enjoyed. From dune buggies, beautiful beaches, parasailing, a party boat and some amazing rose wine, Dominican Republic was a great decision.


Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

  • Liberia, Costa Rica
  • April/May 2018
  • Birthday Vacation

Costa Rica was absolutely beautiful and humbling at the same time. Although we were right in the middle of the tropical rainforest, we were surrounded by a very under privileged area. We enjoyed horseback riding, zip lining, mud baths, hot spring, and massages on the beach to sum up this short getaway. I would highly recommend Costa Rica as a place to see. I also certainly plan to revisit in the near future.